Print Media

We offer a highly effective variety of printed marketing materials, including posters, trade booklets and magazine adverts.

Choose to support essence and our own in-house design studio can collaborate with you to provide a tailor-made variety of materials to suit your needs and help you effectively market our unique brand.

T.V Advertising

Watch our exciting TV advertisements on TV
or online.


Essence range is simply stunning!
From the single packs to an array of ready-to-go
POS solutions, essence are industry leading for
design, innovation and offering ultimate quality

Impulse Sales

When a customer buys Essence, they get more than a product. Also placed into the equation is the best competitive price, excellent quality, reliable on time delivery and instant after sales service for worldwide customers. At Multibrands International Ltd we leverage central advancement, consumer understanding, marketing, and brand-building to smooth the progress of innovation and decision making. A partnership with a highly focused and consumer driven business is of paramount importance. And by connecting with partners, we believe we are expanding the scope of our businesses.

Phenomenal Success

Since our launch, essence has experienced phenomenal success as a preferred brand of choice. We now actively export our great brand throughout the world to a broad variety of business partners.

Welcome as a Supporter

We welcome you as a supporter of essence and hope you join us in our mission to continue our impressive growth both internationally and at home in the UK.

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Join us to be part of a highly focused and consumer driven brand with an excellent reputation for providing the ultimate in quality, innovation and above all incredible value.